The Exes

2017 0h 0m 0

If Paris is the city of lovers, it is also that ... ex! Antoine does not dare to commit, Didier regrets his ex-wife, Father Laurent must celebrate the marriage of his ex, Julie, Serge is harassed by Lise, the ex of his girlfriend of the moment, while Greg consoles With the dog ... of his ex! So many characters whose lives will be telescoped in a joyful disorder and who could fall back in love! But of whom? Whether they obsessed us or loved to hate them, deep down, it is difficult to forget their ex!

Director: Maurice Barthélemy

Genre: Comedy

Cast: Alice David, Arnaud Ducret, Baptiste Lecaplain, Claudia Tagbo, Jean-Paul Rouve, Maurice Barthélemy, Patrick Chesnais, Stéfi Celma

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IMDB Rating: 5.6


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