Some: An Erotic Tale

2017 1h 20m 0

Bomi is a friendly broadcasting writer. She has a boyfriend named Jeong-nam who just graduated from law school, but they're not on very good terms right now. Their sex isn't fun either. Then one day, Bomi's friend suggests she joins the adult version of "Pairs" and starts having affairs with different people. Man 1,2 and 3 and woman 1,2 and 3 check each other out but jealousy gets the best of them and they step over the line.

Director: Song Jeong-gyoo

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Cast: Ahn So-hee, Choi Chae-il, Do Mo-Se, Han Ga-hee, Ji Seong-I, Lee Jae-seok, Min Do-yoon, Min Woo, Risa Hayashi

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